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History of Cadbury Chocolate

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What is Easter without the Cadbury Crème Egg?

Chocolate Easter EggsThis Easter basket staple has become an icon of the Easter season all over the world. Cadbury’s most famous product is the Crème Egg, a rich soft milk chocolate molded into the shape of an egg, bursting with a sweet, creamy filling and wrapped in decorative Easter foil. The Cadbury Crème Egg has become synonymous with the traditional Easter basket, made especially popular in the early 1980s with the now famous Clucking Bunny.

The Cadbury Crème Egg is the company’s top seller from January through Easter every year. But Cadbury makes much more than the iconic egg: with a history every bit as rich as its decadent confections, Cadbury is a name we all know and respect as a major player in the chocolate industry.

Cadbury: From Tea and Coffee to Chocolate

Cadbury chocolate bears the name of its founder, John Cadbury, who opened his first shop in Birmingham, England in 1824. The store was actually a tea and coffee shop with chocolates on the side to accompany the drinks. John Cadbury was from a devout Quaker family. Quakers believed that while alcohol was bad for society, tea, coffee and the trendy new drink, hot cocoa, were healthy alternatives. True to the Quaker spirit, John Cadbury saw his business as a positive contribution to society in its aim to promote health. To his surprise, the hot cocoa and chocolate confections soon became his top-selling items.

John Cadbury and the Call to Chocolate

John Cadbury was a savvy businessman with an entrepreneurial spirit, so he responded with vigor to the call of the chocolate. He immediately started to experiment with the processing and creation of chocolate. Using the simple tools of mortar and pestle, he ground the cocoa and produced his own version of chocolate and developed his original recipes for chocolate products. Just six years after opening his little tea and coffee shop in Birmingham, England, he was selling his own chocolate creations. His brother, Benjamin, joined his endeavors making a progressive team of creativity with an insatiable appetite for perfection.

Recognition from Royalty

This aim for perfection, combined with the missionary zeal to improve the quality of life for fellow citizens, propelled them into national recognition for superior chocolates. In 1853 Queen Victoria awarded them with a royal warrant as the official court confectioners. A royal warrant declares its recipients as designated producers of products and goods consumed by the royal family, winning them national acclaim and a prestigious status second to none.

It is clear to see that just 25 years after opening his humble shop in the English West Midlands, John Cadbury and his chocolate creations were well on their way to the established reputation we all recognize and appreciate today.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars

In 1905 the Cadbury Company introduced Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars to the market. The addition of milk was the beginning of the creamy texture that tantalizes the tongue and delights the senses. Milk chocolate was more than a trendy pleasure; it was the spark that ignited a chocolate obsession among the masses. The Cadbury brothers had secured their place in the chocolate industry!

The infamous Cadbury Crème Egg made its debut in 1923. It is hard to believe that this Easter basket staple is 80 years old!

From Chocolate to Nuts, Fruits, and Caramel

A few years after the creation of the Crème Egg, Cadbury added fruit and nuts to their chocolate bars. These products were enough to support a steady growth of the business for nearly 50 years. Cadbury hit another big surge of growth in 1976 when they created caramel bars, known today as the infamous Cadbury Caramello Bar, a creamy milk chocolate with a thick, sweet caramel that oozes from the bar with every bite. This is every bit as popular and iconic as the Cadbury Crème Egg.

Hershey's Brings Dark Chocolate to Cadbury

Cadbury Dark ChocolateIn the late 1980s the Hershey Company came on board by obtaining a license to manufacture and sell Cadbury chocolates in the United States. In fact, Hershey is responsible for the Clucking Bunny campaign. Hershey also brought dark chocolate to the Cadbury products with the Royal Dark Bars, a reference to both the decadent qualities of dark chocolate and Cadbury’s early connections to the British royalty.

In 2004 Hershey added a new dimension to Cadbury chocolate by marketing two new limited editions: Cadbury Royal Dark Mint Bars and Cadbury Raspberry Crème Bars. The idea of limited editions heightens public enthusiasm for new products. These bars follow the tradition of a rich chocolate outer casing filled with deliciously tantalizing and sensationally creamy filling.

As each Easter season approaches we look to the Cadbury Crème Egg to fill our baskets and grace our festive tables. Family traditions are strong and they build fond memories and impressive legacies. John Cadbury’s legacy of chocolate and all that we associate with sharing this wonderful treat with others is one we are all able to enjoy and share with generations to come. The history of Cadbury chocolate is built on the foundation of Quaker values and raised on the spirit of innovation and an ever reaching aim for quality and perfection.

Average: 4 (2 votes)

Average: 4 (2 votes)

What happened to the Cadbury fruit & nut cream easter eggs

I use to wait till Easter just to buy a few Cadbury fruit & nut cream eggs. Why can't we find them in stores anymore?

Alternative to Cadbury

While we cannot find any information on this product from Cadbury, we did find a few alternatives that might be helpful.

Happy Easter!

Cadbury's Coffee Creme covered with coffee flavoured chocolate

We have found a wrapper under our church floor and I am trying to date the wrapper. It is a cream wrapper with pictured chocolate segments exposed, coffee trapped within the individual segments, and is priced 6d ie 6 old pennies. Can anyone please help to answer this question about the date of this wrapper as I have to write an article for our church magazine based on this find?


a friend of mine has 3 cardboard bears with games instructions on the back of each one, these belonged to his mother so are quite old, has anyone any idea when they were made and if they are worth anything
regards from
georgina mckay

Chocolate in moderation?

It's all about moderation for me which is difficult when dealing with chocolate. Dark chocolate is not my all time favorite but considering the health benefits, I eat it occasionally to balance the milk varieties. Excellent rationalization, right? I can hardly wait for Valentine's day now.

Cadbury is the best!!

It's about time - some long awaited Cadbury chocolate bars (milk chocolate pistachio, for example) are finally making their way to the U.S.! I used to only be able to find these at Cost Plus (World Market on the east coast), but now - they're more widely available, including Walgreens pharmacy. Sweet!!

Chocolate is no junk food!

Chocolate is no less harmful than other junk food. In fact, it's way better for you than junk food, if enjoyed in moderation. All those rumors you've heard about the health benefits of chocolate are not exaggerated.

Chocolate contains antioxidants which will help your body release toxins and improve overall health, and is therefore said to be one of the world's healthiest foods.

Chocolate is good for our health

Chocolate is good for our health. In fact, it has hundreds of substances that benefit our overall health. The best type of chocolate which contains all the benefits is dark chocolate. Most people are not aware of this!

Cadbury Chocolate Rules!!

Cadbury is still my favorite chocolate brand, and let me tell you - I've tried them all. Lindt, Valrona, Frigor, Cailler, you name it. Fortunately for me, I'm based in Australia for a year, which gets Cadbury chocolates.

I sorely missed my Cadbury in the U.S., which, while present, is lacking. And of course there's no Cadbury eggs!

Go Cadbury, and thank you Australia for carrying my favorite chocolate brand Smiling

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